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The work presents a design of a cashbook management system for IMT Enugu. A cashbook management for IMT Enugu is concerned with the computerization of cashbook records appraisal in order to achieve the aims and objective of the organization. The cashbook management system (CBMS) is a tool that will assist IMT administration in interpreting the financial outcomes of operational decision making. It will help administrators to decide whether their staff financial health is better or worse than during previous accounting period or past budget periods. The CBMS will also allow administrators to compare their operations with similar operations. The cashbook normally will be a debit, credit and balance record. This record will be debited with remittances received and credited with revolving fund check downs. The design was implemented to facilitate the cashbook management system for Institute of Management and Technology, IMT Enugu. It will be time conserving and cheap to run. This project work was implemented with the help of visual basic programming language and Microsoft access. The Microsoft access is used to create the database for the effective storage of the cash record.

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